My Journey so far

Many of the most central problems of humanity, especially the ones concerning our health and environment would simply be gone if we started eating better.

I believe that knowledge comes with responsibility and therefore, this mission is worth all my focus and time.

My last stop was at the fermentation lab at 3 Michelin star restaurant, and for the fifth year World’s Best Restaurant: Noma. It is the most influential restaurant of our time that is first and foremost honoring nature with its work.

Prior to my internship at Noma, I have been learning and working in various restaurants in Berlin, my favorite being Frea (world’s first vegan zero-waste restaurant). A special learning experience at mimi ferments gave me an insight into artisanal Japanese fermentations.

Further, in search of truly natural, healthy food I went to (and fell in love with) the countryside and got my hands dirty. I did my Permaculture Design Certificate in another internship. Moreover, I cooked and fermented at farms and took a certificate course on Sustainable Soil Management by Wageningen University.

Last but certainly not least, besides giving workshops and demonstrations on fermentation and plant-based cooking, I talked at Copenhagen University on Fermentation and Sustainability.