Prickly Pear Smoothie With Massaged Figs

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Prickly pear can be such a pain! It can. I figured out a way that makes prickly pear just enjoy its elegant and cheerful flavour rather than cursing the spikes and the numerous seeds. Together with their seasonal mates, the figs (the prickly pear won’t be fully ripe by that time but perfect for this dish), we’ll have a nice meal that can follow after having had enough plain fruit.
Go easy when drizzling the lime juice on top since it will neutralize the flavour. If you put too much lime in it will become one of those moments where you put something into your mouth and move your tongue around expecting flavour but nothing happens… we don’t want that.

Serves 2. Prep time: 20 min


15 soft green prickly pear
8 figs (preferably dark), massaged until they become soft and the skin rips open
1/2 lime
2 tbsp roasted pumpkin seeds
1 leaf fresh sage, cut into fine slices
2 leaves rosemary (or two pinches of dried rosemary). chopped into small pieces

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Never actually touch the prickly pear. Use a fork and a knife to cut them into half, spoon them out (use the spoon for spooning, the fork for holding the fruit) and blend them together with a glass of water (cold if you like) on low speed in order not to crush the seeds. Put a large sieve onto a large bowl and put the prickly pear smoothie into the sieve. We want to get rid of the seeds. Help the sieving process with a spoon. Pour the seedless smoothie into two bowls, add the figs, the pumpkin seeds and the herbs. Drizzle a little of the lime juice on each portion. Cut the lime into slices, separate the flesh from the peel with a knife and add it onto the soup. Happy meal!

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