Traditional Hummus

Hummus! Who doesn’t love it? Chickpeas can be a playground for a variety of flavours. It is you who decides whether we’re playing croquet or quidditch. For now, we want to go back to the roots and have a look at the traditional recipe through my lens. Serves 4. Preparation time: 30 min, Cooking time

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Simple Cucumber Pasta

This dish combines incredible freshness with the convenience of pasta. It’s one of those dishes that make you happy – or happier 😀 If you don’t have those herbs at hand, any other herb is likely to do the job as well. Serves 2. Preparation time: 5 min. INGREDIENTS 1 cucumber 8 basil leaves 2

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Gaszpacho with Strawberries

Gazpacho with Strawberries

A gazpacho (Spanish raw tomato soup) is one of my favourite raw soups – especially in summer. Traditional gazpacho is already very refreshing, but it’ll give you a real summer kick when strawberries are added! This is what I prepared for my parents the other day. For my parents, I added some special sour cheese

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